Africa atlast ♥

Saving animals is like my calling in life, and that is exactly what I plan to do next year! I’m signing up to be a volunteer for the Africa Conservation Experience! I’m thinking of choosing the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage & Research Project, based in Zimbabwe. We get to rescue and care for abandoned, sick and injured animals, study certain species and record their behaviour, educate children in schools about wildlife conservation, etc. I have never been more excited about anything before. I’m (hopefully) going to be volunteering in January 2014, YAY!!!

If any of you are interested in joining, check out their site here:


Do It Yourself

DIY tutorials are my favourite thing at the moment. There’s SO much you can make with the simplest of objects and it completely inspires me! As all of you must know by now, my love for accessories is indefinite. So when I stumbled upon this DIY necklace tutorial, I fell in love. Check it out!IMG_9603


All you need is some macrame cord, chains, embroidery floss and a needle. For the full tutorial, check out Grace Atwood’s DIY blog: Stripes & Sequins

Wearable Wires

Hello boys and girls! This post is dedicated to all the beautiful tech-geeks out there. If you love accessories as much as I do, and you’re phone literally runs out of battery like every hour, you’re going to fall in LOVE with these. eBay has collaborated with 5 designers to create a range of smartphone chargers that can be worn as bracelets. How amazing does that sound? I know that technological fashion is usually pointless and very unattractive, but these bracelet/wristbands are beautiful. Especially the Mara Hoffman and Rachel Zoe ones. Just when I thought it was too good to be true, it gets even better. All proceeds collected are being donated to the lovely CFDA. How sweet! They’re just $25 and sales begin on November 11th, so hurry!

USB bracelet

USB bracelet


Mike Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, is a horrible person who doesn’t believe in donating to charity. They refuse to cater to larger-sized people and the ‘not so cool kids’. Watch the video below to see how Greg Karber has decided to change the brand’s image. If any of you have any old garments from A&F, please donate them to the less fortunate! I just did 🙂

Horrible Hermès

Thinking about buying a new Hermès bag? Well, don’t!

They use leather & fur to create their products as well as polluting the environment, like torturing cows isn’t horrible enough already.
At the “Hermès Leather Forever” exhibition held at RAA yesterday, PETA decided to take action and protest against the harming of animals (which I absolutely LOVE them for). They assigned models whose bare bodies were painted to resemble stripped off skin, to stand outside with leaflets and sign boards saying ‘Hermès Bag Cruelty: Ditch Leather‘. Hopefully this works, and the cows can live happily ever after.

Peta protests agains leather use

Peta protests agains leather use


LCF Times

Now that I’m officially done with studying (until I do my masters), I’m sad to say that it’s all over. So I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to my time spent at the London College of Fashion. 2 courses, 4 years, and the millions of steps we had to climb to get to class everyday were not easy,  but it was all worth it in the end. So here’s a little review of my courses, if anyone’s planning on joining.

1) Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

This is a one-year introductory course in to the world of art. They taught us about research, exploration, life drawing, print-making, 3D modelling, wood and metal shaping, sketching, working with different media, journalism, photography, advertising, garment construction, exploring your imagination, presentation boards, portfolio building, team work and turning silly ideas into creative design sheets. Starting off as an international student who had no previous experience whatsoever in the world of art, this course was the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved every moment of it, except for the campus accommodation in Hackney (that was horrible).

2) BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Development

This is a 3 or 4 year course that teaches you all about design, pattern cutting, toiling, garment construction, market research, design development, marketing and report-writing. In my opinion, the first year was the best; they taught us the basics of everything mentioned above. It was very interactive with our daily lectures, classes, and exciting workshops.
Second year was less about learning from our tutors and more about gaining experience from working on industry projects. This was exciting because of all the competitions, team work, professionalism, etc. We got to work with Sony Ericsson, Sophie Hallette Lace and Fashion Futures 2025. The only downside to this was that there wasn’t enough tutor time, since regular constructive feedback is what helps the most.
Final year was all about creating a personal project. Coming up with your own concept, designing a collection, turning it from concept to outcome, taking into consideration trend analysis, marketing, promotion, distribution methods, etc. I only realised how this year benefited me after it was over, while writing up my reflective discourse (which I will upload later on). Although the whole point was getting everything done on your own, I still believe that we should have had more tutor time.

Overall, I absolutely loved my course. Instead of focusing on our individual strengths, they trained us to become well-rounded designers. Confident and experienced in every aspect of the fashion industry, broadened our horizons for job prospects. I came to London with just a creative streak, and thanks to LCF I can enter the industry as a fashion designer, a patter cutter, a fashion buyer, a trend forecaster, a market research analyst, a design developer, a digital marketing/social media expert, etc.

So if anybody out there is considering any of these courses, GO FOR IT!
And the only advice I can give you is: Don’t skip a single class (except the boring lectures) and if you need any extra help for anything, don’t wait around. Seek and you will find!

SBG UK – Ray Ban giveaway!

Summer is almost here! ☀ And luckily for us, Smart Buy Glasses UK is giving away a free pair of adorable Ray-Ban sunglasses to bloggers! I first saw it on another blog post ( All you have to do is like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Pinterest, and then post a blog about them with a link to their site. When you’re done, paste a link to your blog in the comments section of Sabrina’s blog post, here. There are only 9 days left so hurry! And good luck! ♥ 

P.S. They’re the Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses, and can be found here.
They come in 9 different colours, and are all gorgeous! (Especially the pink ones)

Winter Wonderland

Winter is finally here and even though it’s horribly cold and I’m pretty sure I have turned into a human popsicle, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world! Today I learned that snowflakes are actually shaped like snowflakes! I always assumed they were blobs of ice falling down but if you manage to catch them, they look just like this one and and and ✷. 

It is gorgeous! I survived for about an hour, until I couldn’t feel my ears, hands or toes, and then ran back to my best friend (the heater). I also think it’s about time I buy ear muffs and gloves. Talking about shopping, I haven’t been doing much of that lately, so instead I decided to make a collage of my sacrifices; all the beautiful clothes I’ve wanted to buy this winter, but haven’t…yet. It’s called Winter Wonderland ☃

For details and prices on everything, click here. ]


GuriaGURIA is a sustainable womenswear brand that revolves around raising funds & awareness for charitable causes. Every few months, a new collection is designed and created, and 50% of all profits collected go directly towards that specific cause. Inspiration for each of these collections comes straight from the source (researching about their history, life, and culture), as well as elements from India, be it embroidery, prints or minor details. GURIA is a mid-market level brand that uses natural fabrics from around the world to create beautifully crafted semi-casual wear.
Their motto is ‘get and give back’ and their goal is to reach out to citizens all over the world, encouraging them to donate.

For more information, check out their site for their upcoming collection:



Hello everyone, as you know I haven’t been blogging for a while. Well that’s because I’m working on my final major project and I’ve been super busy. But I’m back for now…yay!

Okay, so for my final project I’m going all green and creating a sustainable (obviously) womenswear label that raises money for charity! It’s called GURIA, simply because that’s my name. I just finished a 4000 word proposal on what my brand is about and all the little details (will upload onto the official site soon), and I’m going to start designing and fabric sourcing now. The first collection is called Aide Sahel. It’s based on the food crisis that the Western Africa region has been facing for a few years now. Inspired by African prints, Indian embroidery, an eclectic mix of the designs and last but not least, elephants. Many charities are trying to raise money for it but according to my survey, haven’t succeed in getting the word out. My next post will explain my project in more detail.